Koufonissia, Kyklades 84 300
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Some fanatic friends of the island call it “Small Myconos”, maybe because of its natural beauties or maybe because in the recent last years is an attractive pole and the undoubtable “must” as a summer destination.
During the day, Chora seems isolated because all the visitors enjoy the amazing beaches.

  • Megali or Psili Ammos (150m from the port)
  • Porta
  • Hondros Kavos
  • Foinikas
  • Fanos
  • Geranos
  • Italida or Platia Pounda
  • Piscina
  • Devils Eye
  • Gala
  • Pori (less than 4km, about 40 min. on foot)
  • Xilobatis at Pori – unforgettable caves