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The local traditinal cuisine will satisfy everybody in the matters of taste, even the most difficult and demanding gourmands.
There are a lot shops, fish taverns with fresh fish, restaurants with homemade, local dishes as well as more gourme choices.
Snack cafe exactly beside the sea, with octopus on the coal for ouzo, cafe for drinks or sweets that will keep you all night, bars as many as you need to have a great time, and there is no problem if you drink a little bit more rakomelo (raki with honey and herbs).
Don’t leave the island if you dont taste amazing astakomakaronada (lobster with spagghetti into red sauce), kakavia (fishsoup made like in fish boats), fava, tomatoballs, pies, ksinotiri (local cheese), rooster or lab with tomato sauce.
Give a sroll from Giorgoulas bakery and taste her unique fresh pies or sweets.
Try thiples-turnover with honey or pasteli-susame with honey or loukoumades-honeyballs with ice cream.